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Atlas Shrugged Paperback
by Ayn Rand

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The book is about a dystopian world where progressive policies took over in America, while the rest of the world fell to communism. The majority of what is left of business is in the deregulated South but the federal government created more regulations causing most businesses in the country to shut down and the best entrepreneurs to retire and go to a land of deregulation. I recommend this book to people interested in political science.

The Egypt Game
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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I don’t usually like books with the words,” but then strange things start happening “ on the blurb. I like books with a relatable plot. But oh my god, this book was AWESOME. It is about a group of kids who pretend to be ancient Egyptians. There is a slight mystery, but that isn’t really the plot. There just trying to have some fun. What April, Melanie, Marshall, Ken and Toby, the players, is definitely something I would do. If you like pretend games that are so realistic, a slight touch of mystery, and a relatable plot, that The Egypt Game is the book for you!

Prisoner B-3087
by Alan Gratz

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Prisoner B-3087 captures the horror that the Nazis put many innocent lives through simply because of unspeakable hatred for people who did nothing wrong to receive such hate and suffering. This is an intense, emotional, scary story of a courageous boy, Yanek, that learned to stay alive by surviving one more day at time even when it seemed impossible because of the brutal, unfair and random cruelty at the concentration camps during WWII. This is another great book by Mr. Gratz, so I recommend this book if you like history and/or are looking for a story full of struggles and triumph please read Prisoner B-3087, a terrifying true story.

The War I Finally Won
by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

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When Ada’s clubfoot is fixed, she is so happy because she isn’t a nobody anymore like her mother called her: Crippled, damaged and other mean things. World war Two carries on and Ada, her brother Jamie and their legal guardian Susan move into a new house that Lady Thorton supplied to them after their old house got bombed (nobody was there). Lady Thorton’s mansion becomes a place for war work and she moves in too. But then a German moves in to learn math from Susan. Everyone is worried. Is Ruth a spy? Could she kill them. This book was enjoyable and if you read the book before this called The War That Saved My Life, it is just like that book. It starts right where it left of. Overall, this was a pretty good book.

Cat And Cat Girl Meets Cat
by Crazenove Richez and Ramon

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This book is about a father and a daughter adopt a cat. The girl’s name is Cat. The cat’s name is Sushi. Sushi brings fun to the family. Sushi likes to get in trouble. Sushi likes to tear things up and has brought great excitement to the whole family. Sushi the cat is funny.

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker
by Anthony Horowitz

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I thought Stormbreaker was a good book, well written and with a nice plot. Basically, Alex Rider is an ordinary schoolboy living with his banker uncle until he (his uncle) gets killed in a "car crash". This starts a chain of events which ends with Alex going undercover into a factory to find the truth behind a gift to all the schools in the nation. It's easy to think that short books with cliche topics like this are just cheap moneymakers, but I genuinely thought that this was a good book. And being only about 200 pages, this is a perfect summer read.

Long Way Down Graphic Novel
by Jason Reynolds

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This graphic novel was haunting, and not one I will soon forget. Centering around the topic of gun violence, this book takes place in the 60 second time span it takes a grieving and angry teenager to journey down an apartment in an elevator. After the sudden fatal shooting of his older brother, Will feels as if he could drown in his fury and sorrow. but one thing burns clear among the blinding rage. Will knows what he has to do. He knows the rules. No.1: Crying. no crying. don't. no matter what. don't. No.2: Snitching. no snitching. don't. no matter what. don't. No.3: Revenge. If someone you love gets killed, find the person who killed them. And kill them. This quickly paced read will leave your mind whirling and your heart reeling as a Will navigates through heartbreak, danger and the sense of duty based down from generation to generation in his family.

The Donut King
by Jessie janowitz

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The book The Donut King is about a 12 year old boy named Tris who owns a donut shop, which is pretty amazing for a 12 year old. The main plot is about how Tris’s shop always runs out of donuts before closing time. This happens for 2 reasons. 1 the homemade donut recipe is very delicious. 2 fyod. Fyod stands for fill your own donut, people love this so much because they get to pick how much cream they put in their donut and the cream tastes very good. One day Tris was looking online for ways to make donuts faster until he stumbled upon a life changing discovery. This life changing discovery was a one of a kind donut maker. It was love at first sight, but there was a problem, the donut maker cost 5000 dollars. The only way Tris knew he could get that type of money was through a TV show abut cooking and baking named “Can You Cut it” where the person with the best main dishes and desserts would win a prize of 5000 dollars. I love this book because you get to see Tris compete in this intense yet fun competition.

The Scorch Trials
by James Dashner

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The Scorch Trials by James Dashner is a pretty good book in my opinion. It is a good sequel to the Maze Runner, and it continues the theme of the first book while being a refreshing change from the first book. In this book, most of the book takes place in the "Scorch", a wasteland on Earth that was devastated by sun flares. The main characters are sent there after being "rescued" from The Maze, by WICKED, an organization run by governments of the world. They must get across the Scorch in two weeks in order to receive a "cure" for the Flare, and extremely deadly virus that is devastating the planet. Overall, The Scorch Trials was an enjoyable book to read, and I recommend it to anyone who has read the Maze Runner.

by Allie Larkin

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Heartbroken and devastated by the current events going on in Van Leone's life, she moves back to her old condo that separates her from her past life. When her mom died, friendships that she had weren't the same and home no longer felt like home. However, even at the condo, it feels less at home. When Van "accidentally" order a big German Shepard online, she is shocked to see that her life has changed. She has meet new people, created new bonds, and is no longer lonely (although, it is a lot of working taking care of the big puppy.) When her old life crashes with her new life, Van must gather people at her side to mend her problems and issues she has created with everyone. As the book continues to add more characters to the book, it becomes more and more thrilling which is why I recommend it to all students!