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Book Reviews
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Big Dog, Little Dog
by P.D. Eastman

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I like the way the author rhymed his lines about how opposite these dogs sre

Dog Man 9: Grime And Punishment: From The Bestselling Creator Of Captain Underpants
by Dav Pilkey

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great book

Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook, #9
by Junie B Jones

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It teaches you that if you find something to put it in the lost & found. It’s also hilarious

The Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor
by Joanna Cole

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I rated a 5/5 because it was about the ocean and I like learning about the ocean.

A Taste Of Magic
by J. Elle

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I liked it because it was Fantasy. Also it was about magic.

Pendragon: The Lost City Of Faar #2
by D. J. MacHale

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The protagonist, named Bobby Pendragon, uses a portal like thing called a flume to go to the territory called Cloral ( territories are like planets) in pursuit of the antagonist Saint Dane. In the water planet, Pendragon and is Uncle Press explore to find out what the "turning point" of this peaceful planet is. They meet Spader, who will be revealed as the traveler of Cloral (every territory has a traveler) and find out that all of the crops in Cloral have been poisoned. The protagonists search for the lost city of Faar to stop this. But, soon after they get there, Saint Dane starts destroying the city. Because of this, water vehicles meant to heal the poisoned crops are unable to escape, and Uncle Press and others are trapped with them. Bobby and Spader rescue Press, but when trying to stop Saint Dane from escaping Cloral, Uncle Press dies to save Spader's life.

We Are The Gardeners
by Joanna Gaines

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It shows that you never quit you keep on tiring.

Zoe's Rescue Zoo: The Playful Panda
by Amelia Cobb

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I liked this book because Chi Chi and Mei Mei trick Mr Pinch.

The best worst summer
by Elizabeth Eulberg

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I love the mystery wound into the book and the way that there are 2 different points in time. I like how there is a connection between the people and how the chapters switch back and forth from my time to the one from 1989. The girls are 3 decades apart, but you can see the connection. They are just kids being kids over the summer. There are fights, of course, because that’s what kids do. This book is amazing. It’s meant for kids from ages 9-12, but it is a book that the entire family would love. I would definitely recommend it.

Super Fairies Farrah the Shy Fawn
by Janey Louise Jones

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At the end of the book I like how the Petal Princess is holding Farrah and covering her up with her petal parasol.The illustrations are beautiful.