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Atlas Shrugged Paperback
by Ayn Rand

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The book is about a dystopian world where progressive policies took over in America, while the rest of the world fell to communism. The majority of what is left of business is in the deregulated South but the federal government created more regulations causing most businesses in the country to shut down and the best entrepreneurs to retire and go to a land of deregulation. I recommend this book to people interested in political science.

One Of Us Is Lying
by Karen Mcmanus

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One of Us is Lying is about 5 high school students who are stuck in detention for the same reason. Nate, Addy, Bronwyn, Cooper, and Simon. Every thing is fine until there is a car crash. During the crash Simon goes to get water. “This tastes funny”. Next thing Simon knows he’s on the ground passed out and later dies. Nate, Addy, Bronwyn, and Cooper are stunned. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Find out by reading One of Us is Lying, by Karen M. McManus. I would recommend this book because it is a exciting book that has a lot of interesting parts and gets you asking questions.

Its My Life
by Stacie Ramey

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The book It’s My Life by Stacie Ramey is about a girl named Jenna who is trying to live a normal life, but there’s a problem. She has cerebral palsy, but she didn’t have cerebral palsy when she was born. What happened was when the doctor was taking her out of her mom and made a very bad mistake which caused her to have cerebral palsy. Because of this she must go trough many painful test weekly. After each test she is always too tired to move and on top of having cerebral palsy it is impossible for her to go to school. Overall I though this book was very good because it shows you that just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t live a normal life.

Loki Where Mischief Lies
by Mackenzi Lee

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Absolutely loved this book, it is a thrilling mystery. Loki's best friend has been banished to earth after she and Loki go and accidentally destroy a mirror that lets you see into the future, it was Loki's fault it is broken but she took all the blame. Fast forward some time and now on earth people have been mysteriously dying, With much reluctance loki is sent to investigate where he goes on a mission filled with many twists and turns.

Ostrich boys
by Keith Gray

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A story about three friends on a HUGE trip to travel from their hometown in England, to the small town of Ross in honor of their friend who died. The three friends are very angry at everyone who came to his funeral because they were all mean to him during his life. During their adventure the boys come across all kinds of different experiences, like bungee jumping etc. Traveling on trains, exploring a haunted house, going to an abandoned amusement park, It is definitely a good read.

Brians Winter
by Gary Paulsen

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Brian’s winter is about a boy named Brian who has gotten in a plane crash and is stranded in a forest thousands of miles away from civilization. This time around it is winter and Brian needs to figure out how to adapt and survive the harsh winter conditions with only what is in the forest, and his hatchet. How will Brian survive, and will he? Find out by reading the book Brian’s winter by Gary Paulsen. Overall it was a good book it was exiting the whole way through and provides a great description of how Brian survives. I would recommend this to a friend because you can’t go wrong with a book with adventure and excitement the whole time.

by Marissa Meyer

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The backstory to arguably the cruelest and coldest royal to live in the world of fiction, Heartless is a tale of how the queen of heart came to be. How Catherine, a young women with big dreams, gained the throne and lost her heart. This wonderfully crafted story will transform your view on the already slightly deranged world of Alice and Wonderland. I love the interesting new perspective Meyer portrayed of the childhood characters we know and love. Some of these characters being the mad hatter, the blue caterpillar, and my personal favorite, the Cheshire Cat. I will say that the beginning was a bit slow, but that's only to be expected, setting the stage for such a incredible character and world. Heartless is a perfect read for any reader interested in fairytale and fantasy classics, or just curious about how a pleasant, privileged girl with dreams of opening up a bakery with her best friend, became the ruthless yet quintessential Queen of Hearts.

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker
by Anthony Horowitz

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I thought Stormbreaker was a good book, well written and with a nice plot. Basically, Alex Rider is an ordinary schoolboy living with his banker uncle until he (his uncle) gets killed in a "car crash". This starts a chain of events which ends with Alex going undercover into a factory to find the truth behind a gift to all the schools in the nation. It's easy to think that short books with cliche topics like this are just cheap moneymakers, but I genuinely thought that this was a good book. And being only about 200 pages, this is a perfect summer read.

The Queen Of Nothing
by Holly Black

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The final book in the Folk of the Air series, Holly Black does NOT disappoint! This book was filled with heart wrenching battle scenes and thrilling romance. On every page of this book are characters that are unique and delightful, some of my favorites being Cardan, the sly and impossibly witty king, Grima Mog, a cannibalistic red cap who fights besides Jude, a strong willed, mortal girl, with enough ambition and skill for a whole army. This book pulls you in with its unpredictable plot, which includes escaping an exile, murder and betrayal of family and other bonding ties, a strategic war of power hungry creature, and an shocking curse, that will change not only the lives of the characters in Queen of Nothing, but the whole kingdom. This perfect ending to this fantasy trilogy and this highly anticipated novel kept me hanging until the very last page. I 100% recommend this series!

A Man Called Ove
by Fredrik Backman

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A Man Called Ove was a very in-depth book, basically all character development of the main character, Ove. It really makes you think about how Ove's past experiences (the good and bad) all turn him into the person he is in the story. I enjoyed this aspect of the book, but it was also a real page turner that shows life in a different perspective. For all of these reasons, I really recommend this book.