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Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets
by Jk Rowling Books

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This book was very interesting and I liked how Harry could speak parseltongue. There was a lot of adventure in this book and Harry was always up to something at night sneaking out with his invisibility cloak.

Game Changer
by Neal Shusterman

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This book was a very exiting book to read, and made me want to keep reading it even after I finished, just to see what would happen. It shows how sometimes you can ignore what is happening in the world, but when you are thrust into that position of inequality then you really get to see how it feels to be someone else. This book is about a defensive tackle in football, and whenever he sacks a quarterback he can transport into other dimension, this book is about him learning to control it and trying to get back to his old world, after messing up his reality.

Iron man 1, 2, 3
by Macri

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The main character in this book is Tony Stark. A military attacked his lab and wanted him to make weapons. In prison he invented Iron Man Suit. In this suit he could fly in shoot and he became super hero. I like that Tony Stark is courageous and he never gives up.

Never Caught - The Story of Ona Judge
by Erica Armstrong Dunbar

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Never caught is a book about Ona Judge, who was a slave to George and Martha Washington. Ona Judge ran away from the Washington's. Ona Judge was born in 1773 at Mount Vernon, and she would not be called to do house work until she turned 11. Ona worked as seamstress in the Washington's house. She was one of Martha's favorite slaves because of how Ona kept calm all the time even when Martha was mad, and Ona always knew what Martha wanted. It was in May 21, 1769 when Ona escaped from Mount Vernon and took a boat to Philadelphia. Ona went through many hardships living outside slavery, and Ona was always worried about being captured. Ona opened the door to freedom for all of her family step by step. She lived in Philadelphia for the rest of her life. Even though, she went through so much suffering, Ona was happy that she wasn't a slave anymore thanks to her bravery and kindness of people that believed in freedom. I recommend this book because it is a true story and it had a good ending, Ona being free to choose her path in life.

Transformers Armada the uprising
by Donkin

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Transformers fly back to their home planet and start fighting Unicron (who is moon who turns later into a transformer).

Safe at Home
by Sharon Robinson

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This book is about baseball and I like baseball. The story was about a boy named Elijah Breeze II, also known as Jumper. Jumper was living in Connecticut and then he moved to New York City. His favorite sport was basketball but then his mother insisted that he should play baseball. He tried baseball before and he didn't like it so he quit. When he went to baseball camp he made some new friends and there were two teams. His team won the state finals and he learned never give up. I liked it because it was a baseball story and I play baseball.

How The King Of Elfhame Learned To Hate Stories
by Holly Black

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A fun installment to the Folk of the Air series, this book was a quick read. It was an intriguing view from a different perspective than of the trilogy, and highly entertaining backstory from one of the most adored and despised characters; Cardan, the High King of Elfhame. In addition to this, the book has exquisite illustrations by Rovina Cai. I found it really fun to see my favorite characters come to life. I also found it super interesting to learn the memories and events that build up one of the most layered and interesting characters. If you have read the folk of the air series, defiantly check out this irresistible new installment!

Magic Tree House #54 Balto of the Blue Dawn
by Mary Pope Osborne Magic Treehouse Series

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I liked this book because it was interesting. This book is about these two children that had to travel in a blizzard to find medicine for diphtheria, which is an illness that caused many people to get very sick and die. Many people in Nome, Alaska had diphtheria which is why when Jack and Annie went to the town, they saw no one because they were all quarantined. Dogsledding teams were bringing the medicine when a blizzard comes, so Jack and Annie had to find a dogsled team lead by Balto in a big snowstorm, and bring the medicine to Nome, to help the sick in the town.

Blizzard Of The Blue Moon
by Mary Pope Osborne

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Merlin sends Jack and Annie to New York to find the unicorn. They go to Cloister where they see the tapestry with the Unicorn. The Unicorn comes alive and Jack and Annie ride it to Central Park, where they give it to Merlin.

Dog Man Unleashed
by Dav Pilkey

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It’s about a police officer and a dog. Dog’s body and policeman’s head die and in the hospital they saw policeman’s body with dog’s head and this thing becomes a police dog/person.

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