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Big Dog, Little Dog
by P.D. Eastman

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I like the way the author rhymed his lines about how opposite these dogs sre

Pax, Journey Home
by Sara Pennypacker

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I loved this book! it has some sad parts. Each chapter is devoted to either Pax the fox or Peter the boy. In the first book Peter keeps Pax as a pet, then lets Pax go into the wild. In the second book (Pax, journey home) Pax is now a wild fox. His mate Bristle had kits and Pax go's to see the damage the war has caused. Peter (the boy) joins the water warriors to fix the damage the war has caused.

Stick Dog Meets His Match
by Tom Watson

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Stick dog is a smart dog and he and his friends find a truck full of meat and follows it to Mike’s Magnificent Meats store and finds Lucy who is smart like Stick dog.Could stick dog have met his match?!?!

An Elephant & Piggie Biggie! Volume 3
by Mo Willems

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I love how this book has more than one book in it

Minecraft Volume 1 (graphic Novel)
by Sfé R. Monster

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Cool pictures and it was exciting bcause they beat the Enderdragon! A story about friends being heros!

by Louis Sachar

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I liked the book because it was very descriptive it told the readers how he felt when he was digging the hole and when he was driving Mr.Sir’s water truck.

by Neal Shusterman

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Wonderful Plot, Likable Characters, and Readable Format. I discovered Neal Shusterman after reading Dry, and I love his books so much! Scythe had a different plot than Dry, but It had the same writing style. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking the characters would be evil, but it seems as if the system is the problem. I loved the world craft and character arcs. I also read this book quickly, in about a day. It was so good! I was really disappointed that I couldn't find the second book in the series today at the library.

A Day at the Beach
by Ed Briant

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I like how the Author made the illustration out of clay and fun Materials instead of crayons,color pencils,markers or paint.When theu

Don't Touch My Hair!
by Sharee Miller (Illustrator)

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I think it was funny cuz there were aliens & she did kong fu & stuck her tongue out at the end of the book. Everyone has the right to say what happens to their bodies

Little Mole Goes To School
by Glenys Nellist

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The pictures are adorable.Mole thinks he has no gift but his friends do.He saves the day he has a gift he can see in the dark and dig.