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Anne Of Ingleside
by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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This book is about Anne and Gilbert's children, and their adventures. Anne's children are Jem, Walter, Di, Nan, Shirley, and Rilla. Jem learns how not all dogs will adore you. He also frightens everyone by not being seen, and everyone thought he ran away. Walter's adventure was about how much effort and energy he could put into saving his mother. Di's adventure was how you should always listen to your parents. Nan's adventure was about how you should not make bargains with God. She also learns not to trust anyone, and that it's okay to tell your parent anything. Shirley and Rilla do not go on as many adventures as the others, but they love to play in Rainbow Valley.

Dork Diaries Tales From A Not So Happily Ever After
by Rachel Renee Russell

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I like this book because it is so funny and I love it because Nikki gets stuck in a fairy tales when Mackenzie hits Nikki in the face with a ball when they are playing doge ball at gym.

Michelle The Winter Wonderland Fairy
by Daisy Meadows Fairy Books

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The book was very interesting and fun

Magic Treehouse Afternoon On The Amazon
by Mary Pope Osborne

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This book is an great read because you learn about the Amazon Rainforest which we learned in school in 3rd grade. The vines were snakes not vines and the paddles was a crocodile. This is why you should read the book.

Who is Jane Goodall?
by Roberta Edwards

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The book Who is Jane Goodall? by Roberta Edwards is about a girl that since a very young age was interested into animals and being outdoors to explore nature. Jane went to Gombe, Africa to study about wild chimps. While in Africa Jane discovered that chimps act like humans, they can show emotions, they can create basic tools to help themselves. Jane was fascinated to find out that chimps are very smart animals. Jane wanted to help the chimps to live longer, and Jane dedicated her life to learn and protect chimps because the chimps were are risk of extinction. For many years, Jane went on with her learning about the chimps in their natural environment. Vanne, Jane's mother, traveled with young Jane to Africa, and while Jane went out to explore the wild, Vanne would help the people of the area by providing basic care for them. Jane created the Roots & Shoots program were young kids learn about animals. Jane also created TACARE (take care) to help protect the natural habitat for the chimps and the humans that lived near them. Jane also went on to create ChimpanZoo a project which main purpose was to improve the lives of chimps at zoos. I recommend this book to anyone that likes animals, wants to learn more about their harsh environment, and wants to learn of how to protect them because you never know you may become the next Jane Goodall.

The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe
by C.S Lewis

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The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe book makes me think about what is going on now, and how life has changed for many of us having to stay home to be safe. For me, the message of C.S Lewis in this story is that even in hard and tough times we can escape to a world where everything is fine and joyful. In this book four kids Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy enter a wardrobe while playing hide and seek. They find out that the wardrobe is a pathway to the magical land of Narnia where unexpected things can happen, and where Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund have adventures. I would recommend this magical story to anyone who likes fantasy, adventures, good vs evil, and transformation of characters personalities.

Geronimo Stilton Space mice alien escape
by Geronimo Stilton Books

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This is a great book because it is about space and the pink blob on the moon. There was a contest and they were captured. The mystery was solved with a party.

Anne Of Windy Poplars
by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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This book follows the adventure of Anne Shirley in her three years living and teaching in Summerside. She earned the job of principal of Summerside. This book shows all Anne's adventures in her new chapter of her life. These adventures are befriending the stubborn Pringles (Also known as the 'Royal Family'), befriending the grouchy Assistant Principal- Katherine Brooke, helping Nora get engaged to the love of her life, meeting the imaginative Little Elizabeth, helping Pauline get a one night vacation from taking care of her demanding mother, and so many more. I like this book, because it makes me feel as of I were in the book. Another reason I like this book is that at times I feel I can relate to Anne. Also, when reading this book you can feel happy, sad, concurred, confused, upset, annoyed, and so much more. I think this is nice, because it shows how you can feel connected and related to the book. I would rate this book four stars, because it is a really good book, but I would not say it is one of my top favorite books.

American Gods 10th Anniversary Edition)
by Neil Gaiman

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This book follows Shadow Moon, an ex-convict, as he discovers the existence of gods in the United States of America. While working for his boss Wednesday, Shadow meets both “the old gods” who are gods brought over to America by travelers such as the Egyptians and the Norse, and “the new gods”, gods of radio, television, and technology. As Shadow learns of these gods he also learns of the new gods’ desire to kill the old. Together Shadow and Wednesday must recruit the old gods to fight against the new.

I Am Helen Keller
by Grace Norwich

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For me the book I am Helen Keller is a captivating story full of perseverance, courage, and love. This book tells about Helen Keller struggles and achievements in life. Helen Keller was 2 years old when she lost her hearing and sight, and because of this she had to suffer a lot in her early days as a child. While reading this book I learned how thanks to the care and love of Helen's teacher, Annie Sullivan, Hellen was able to interact with the world, and succeed at many things. I also got to learn about other people that were important in Helen's life like Michael Anagnos. Michael Anagnos was the director of Perkins Institution for the blind, and he made Helen's name famous by publicizing her achievements to the rest of the world. Helen's story became an inspiration for many people, and in October 19, 1959 a play based on Helen's early life, The Miracle Worker, made its Broadway debut. I think this book has a strong inspirational message of courage, love and perseverance. As Helen we should be able to carry on because no matter what obstacles we will have to face with hard work and faith in our selves, we will be alright. I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for an inspirational story. As for me, Helen Keller has help me to remember to do not give up when things become difficult or out of reach because anything is possible with a positive attitude, hard work and faith in our selves miracles can happen.

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