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Book Reviews
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Barbie a special ballerina
by Linda Williams

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I liked it when Katie decided to not give up and go to the tryouts for the nutcracker.

Surfside Girls Graphic Novel
by Kim Dwinell

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Sam sees ghosts and they want her to help but she doesn’t know what

Warriors Vision Of Shadows River of Fire #5
by Erin Hunter

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SkyClan is strong partly because ShadowClan is forced to join them due to the fact that they have no leader. When a forest fire occurs, RiverClan opens their borders and starts working as a clan again. But at the end, when Tigerstar returns, ShadowClan goes back to being a clan again now that they have a strong leader. This was a great adventure /fiction book. My favorite character was definitely Alderheart because he is a great medicine cat (a cat that helps other sick cats).

How Not To Fall In Love
by Jacqueline Firkins

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This is a super fun read! The story follows two super lovable main characters, Theo and Harper, not only next door neighbors but childhood best friends. But they couldn't be more different. Harper working at her moms wedding shop has convinced herself that love is all a facade and guards her heart with everything while Theo is dreaming up a wedding after one date. Tired of being sad and tired of seeing her best friend by heartbroken, Harper strikes a deal to teach Theo how to not fall in love, how to play it safe like her but along the day she ends up learning from him in the best way possible.

I Spy Fly Guy
by Tedd Arnold

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i like it because buzz went to a dump.

The double - digit club
by Marion Dane Bauer

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I liked the book because I’m ten and it was interesting about the doll, and one of the characters Paige and the other one, Sarah about their friendship.

Nat Enough
by Maria Scrivan

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This book is good for girls ages 9-13 because it is mostly about middle school preteen drama stuff. I think many girls can relate to the main character, Natalie because she works through gaining confidence and liking herself for who she is. Natalie loses one of her best friends and is sad but then realizes that she can make more friends that really care about her for who she is on her own.

Captain and Maddie set sale
by Daniel Laurence

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I like it because there’s so many adventures.

The phantom bandit
by Elisabetta Dami

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Could their be a cat phantom on the tip of Geronimo’s tail?!read this book to find out.

My New Friend Is So Fun
by Mo Willems

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My favorite character is Piggie because she is funny. It is very funny when Snake and Gerald were saying STOP HAVING FUN and Piggie and Brian were talking about them (but all good things.)