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Grace For President
by Kelly Dipucchio

I love this book. I love that Grace stands up to Thomas and wins!

Dork Diaries Book 1
by Rachel Russell

i loved how Nikki's friends looked out for her and how Nikki deals with the mean girl.

Geronimo Stilton Garbage Dump Disaster
by Elisabetta Dami

So far there is a thief that is stealing trash from a dump and food from a restaurant.G Stilton is trying to solve the mystery .

Moldylocks And The Three Beards
by Norah Jones

I liked this book because it was kind of like a fairy tale but in a whole different way. And I like changing up original stories.

In A Glass Grimmly
by Adam Gidwitz

I think this book is really great but really gruesome and that’s one of the reasons I like it. It’s so more interesting then the other fairy tales where the prince saves the princess blah blah married happily ever after blah blah. They’re all the same! That’s why I like the other fairy tales better. It’s also nice that the author said where he got his sources from. But I didn’t count that page because it’s not part of the story. Also, I just realized I like the gruesomeness! It’s ok if you call me crazy, insults don’t affect me a lot.

What Pet Should I Get
by Dr Seuss Books

Liked the decision making that went into picking out a pet. I wonder what they got!

Huda F Are You
by Huda Fahmy

I like this book because it was very funny when Cuter dreamt of things that her sisters were but before she knew that her sisters were going to be. I like that she always thought that she could be like that but then when her sisters decided that they want to be a basketball player/good at sports, a fashion person, the smart one and the mean one, she said “ I could never be like that”. I would definitely recommend this book.

Hawaii Sea Turtle Rescue
by James fraloi

This book was amazing because I love the part where the marine biologist helps save the sea turtles from being stuck in a fishing net. I also like that the marine biologist works together with a different group of marine biologist to help save the turtles by distracting the shark that was trying to eat the turtles in the net. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who loves ocean animals or turtles .

Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars
by Cory Putnam Oaks

I liked it because the author makes aliens seem real and the funniest thing was the solar system’s love of soccer.

by Mo Willems

I loved this book because it is cool that the character was inspired by another person who wrote music. You should read this if you like music.
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