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Diary of a wimpy kid 4
by Jeff Kinney

I really enjoyed this book, it was a fun summer take about Greg and when he’s around things always take a turn to the unexpected. And sometimes it can get a little chaotic! Like some best friend trouble with his friend Rowley! Or the craziness of getting a new dog! Also back to school shopping and guess what, EVERYTHING is on sale! Even brown plaid pants! I really recommend this book because it has a funny story line and is it joy to kids who don’t like to read.

Middle School Get Me Out Of Here By James Patterson
by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts

The book Middle School Get Me Out of Here is the 2nd book in the middle school series. This book is a continuation of Rafe's life, the main character. Rafe got in a whole lot of trouble back in 6th grade, and after the diner where Rafe's mom worked burned down, they have to move out. Now, Rafe and his family have to live in the big city, and Rafe gets a chance to get a new start at a new school. Rafe is accepted in his new school, Cathedral School of Arts, and he starts another operation called "operation get a life". Rafe tries not to get in trouble in the new school by following " Operation get a life", his new goal. I recommend this book because it went over my expectations, and it made me laugh when I was reading it. I think the author made this book even more funny than the previous one. In book 2 Rafe has an even more colorful life, so I recommend this story to anyone who is looking to be easily entertained.

Diary diary of a wimpy kid 14
by Jeff Kinney

This book was really good! This book had action, adventure, and laugh out loud moments. This book is highly relatable too. Greg Heffley is a character who always seems to be the man with the plan, but the plans sometimes spiral into chaos. And when I say chaos I mean chaos! Like in the book he almost killed himself with a hot tub cover! He also dreams of being famous and rich and has lots and lots of plans. And it’s really fun and enjoyable to see what other people think and what they want to do in life

All the Light We cannot See
by Anthony Doerr

In the book "All The Light We Cannot See" we see the parallel lives of Werner, a German boy, and Marie-Laure a young French girl whom lives in Paris with her Dad. Marie-Laure is blind, but her life is okay thanks to her father. Marie-Laure's father is a locksmith for the museum of Natural History in Paris. When Marie-Laure is 12, the Nazis take over Paris and France, so she and her Father flee to the town of Saint Malo to live with Uncle Etienne, they carry what might be the museums most valuable jewel. Werner is a young orphan in a town called Zollervein that is known for mining. Werner discovers that he has a skill for fixing radios. He hopes his expertise will keep him away from the mines which is where his father died. Later on, he ends up in an academy for the Hitler youth where he becomes a expert at building and repairing radios. As a young soldier for the German Army his skills win him an task to track anti Nazi resistance by finding illegal transmissions. Eventually, Marie-Laure and Werner lives' cross path in 1944 at France when Werner is in there to locate radio transmissions that are coming from somewhere in that city. Sooner he falls in awe with Marie-Laure's voice over the supposed terrorist transmission on the radio as she reads her favorite novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which interests Werner even as he is stuck in a basement. During that time Marie-Laure is alone, and she is hiding from a German General whom is after the priceless jewel. Although this is a historic fiction book Mr. Doerr's writing style of almost poetic to say the least pulled me in to continue reading this lengthy story, and for me the theme or lesson of this book is that no matter what side you are on or where you come from we all still can be united by something out there. In this book's case it was radio waves. Overall, it was fun to read this book because of the story which is one of the most interesting I have ever read, and overall enjoyable which is why I am giving it 5 stars. Yes, it is a long book to read, but this story is well worth the effort to read and detect or see what we can not see, humanity, love, redemption and many other emotions that clearly show how humans most always try to see the good with in ourselves and the good in others no matter how difficult at might be, so we must do it in order to survive.

One Of Us Is Lying
by Karen M. Mcmanus

One Of Us is Lying is truly such an amazing thrilling on the edge of your seat book. A perfect mix of mystery and hints of romance and drama. When Simon, an outcast at Bayview High dies in detention with only four other kids as witnesses, they immediately becomes suspects. Secrets rise, tensions are high, friendships ruined, and families separated. If you want a book that makes you gasp and unable to put it down I recommend.

The third kind of magic
by Elizabeth Forest

I really enjoyed this book because it was really enjoyable. Suli accidentally uses the third kind of magic and rather has to become a wise woman or people will call her a witch. She decides to become a wise woman but her learning is cut short when her wise woman teacher, Tala goes missing- all because of the witch. Suli now has to learn how to defeat the witch without her teacher. She learns how to change and all about the other animals. Will Suli defeat the witch? Will Suli be accused of witchcraft or can she become a wise woman? This book was really interesting. It was a page turner so I would definitely recommend this book!

Arnie the Doughnut Bowling Alley Bandit
by Laurie Keller

Arnie figured out that Mr Bing loves bowling and he started watching his tournaments and games and then Arnie made best friends with the pins and the food at the bowling alley. And then Mr Bing's bowling ball is his favorite ball and he always used it and then he got a new bowling ball. But the old bowling ball dressed up as the new ball and kept moving in the lanes into the gutter. Then they figured out that it was the old bowling ball because Mr Bing never used the old bowling ball and they wanted him to use it.

Arnie The Doughnut Book
by Laurie Keller

The man tries to eat Arnie when he gets picked up from the doughnut shop and Arnie talked and then they became best friends. Then they tried to figure out what Arnie should do with the man, and then they figure out that he should be a doughnut dog - and he acts like a dog.

Freckle Juice
by Judy Blume

It was about Andrew, and he wanted freckles so that his mom wouldn't notice how dirty his neck was so that he wasn't late to school. Then, someone told him that freckle juice makes you have freckles and it cost him 50 cents and it made him sick.

The Burning God
by Rf Kuang

The most heart-wrenching ending with beautiful writing and characters. Words cannot even describe how much I loved this book, let alone the series. The Poppy War trilogy is now my favorite trilogy I have read. R. F. Kuang went into depth with Ron and her thought process. Throughout the series we saw her slowly losing her mind and going down the path all shamans go down. *SPOILERS* after she accused Venka of being a double agent I knew it was all going down hill. I was thoroughly impressed with the writing
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