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The Best Seat In Second Grade
by by Katharine Kenah

I liked this book because this boy named, Sam really wants to be the class hamster helper and someone else gets to be it, but he doesn't. Sam sneaks the hamster on field trip. I like this story because after losing the hamster on the field trip, he gets him back.

Lunch Lady And The Bake Sale Bandit
by Jarrett Krosoczka

In this Lunch Lady adventure book, the treats for the bake sale go missing and the breakfast bunch are determined to find out who stole all the treats. My favorite part in the book is when Betty bought the lunch lady a new lunch-cycle for her to ride and use. I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading the lunch lady series.

Lunch Lady And The Summer Camp Shakedown
by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

I think this was a very good book full of adventure. At first you think it’s going to be different than what it is. I like the surprise ending when you discover who the camp monster is and why they chose to scare all the kids. I like Dee because she is curious and brave.

Cinders and Sparks Magic at Midnight
by Lindsey Kelk

If you like The Whatever After series, fairy tales and magic then you will love this book and series as well! I really enjoyed this fairy tale spin on Cinderella which mixes other fairy tale stories in it as well, like little bo peep and Hansel and Gretel. Cinders has magic powers and a talking dog named Sparks. They go on adventures with and at the end discover why she has magic powers. My favorite character is Cinders because she doesn’t want to be perfect like her sisters and she gets messy. My favorite part in the book was when she discovers that Sparks can talk because it is funny. I definitely recommend this book, and can’t wait to read book 2 !!!

Day of Confession
by Allan Folsom

This is a thrilling action and adventure book that follows Harry Addison, a highly successful entertainment lawyer in LA. One day, the Cardinal Vicar of Rome is murdered and Harry gets a desperate call from his brother who he hasn't talked to in years, and is a priest at the Vatican. Then the tour bus on which Father Daniel, Harry's brother, was riding explode, Harry goes to Rome to investigate his brothers death. Then he finds out that his brother is the prime suspect in the killing of the Cardinal vicar. A bunch of questions pop up, is his brother an assassin? and more importantly, is he still alive? Harry is then framed for the killing of a police man and is on the run from authorities in Italy. This story follows harry as he goes on a thrilling adventure throughout Italy and finding out the the problem is at the core of the Vatican.

by Samira Ahmed

This was a thrilling political justice book that takes a look at the injustices Muslims face right now, and what could happen in the future. This book follows Layla, who lives in a small college town in California. It follows her story in the present day where all Muslims were outlawed by the American government, deemed a threat, and put in internment camps as the Japanese-Americans were during WW2. We follow Layla as she makes friends in this camp and fights for freedom of Muslims and to free them from these illegal internment camps set up by the US government.

Little Horse
by Betsy Byars

I liked that Little Horse got washed down a stream and he fell down a waterfall and he found himself on an island full of flowers. And then a man took him to his horse farm. My favorite character is Little horse, he is little, brave, and adventurous.

Wings Of Fire The Hive Queen
by Tui T Sutherland

This book is the twelfth book in the best dragon series ever and this series taught me to use my imagination

by Alan Gratz

Refugee is the story of three different characters. These characters are not from the same time or area, but they share one common goal, to find a new place they can call home. All of them have been in horrible situations in which their country has turned on its own people, and it fills with danger. Josef Landau is a Jewish boy, from Berlin, Germany. He is 12 years old when the story takes place, in 1938. Josef's father is taken away to a concentration camp for being Jewish and practicing law. Six months later, the Landau family receives a telegram. The telegram states that Papa may be released, but only if he leaves Germany within 14 days. Josef's family is to go on a journey to Cuba, and they get reunited on board of the MS St. Louis. As the MS St. Louis heads toward Cuba, Josef learns more about his father, and what the concentration camp has done to him. Once the boat makes it to the land that he believes will change his life forever, Josef learns that the real journey has only just begun. Isabel Fernandez is an 11 year old from Cuba. During 1994, Fidel Castro allows citizens to leave Cuba freely. Isabel's family and neighbors head on a journey to America. Troubles of their self-made boat, troubles in the water, a storm, Isabel's mothers pregnancy, and many more troubles surround them. Isabel and her family work very hard to get to Cuba, but little do they realize that their freedom comes at a cost. A very pricey cost. Mahmoud Bishara is a 13 year old boy from Syria during 2015. As war and fear spread throughout his country, Mahmoud's family leaves Syria, to seek safety in Germany. They go on a long trek and face a lot of dangers. Mahmoud's family is held at gunpoint, capsizes with a boat, and sent to a jail-like place for refugees. Mahmoud's journey brings him to face challenges that are impossible to imagine, let alone go through. I really enjoyed this book. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. Each story illustrates the fears that any refugee faces, and the risks that they have to take for their survival. I think the book is well written, and easy to comprehend. Another thing I liked is how the characters stories tie together at the end. One thing I was not particularly fond of, and the reason why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, was how it seemed that each chapter lead to a new danger approaching. It seemed a little unrealistic, but I don't know for sure, because I was never in a situation even close to similar the refugees situations. Other than that, I thought the book was very good, and a different part of the book that I loved was how the characters stories lead to be connected by the end of the book. I like this, because I think it shows how one persons decision can stay with them for the rest of their life, or even completely change some one else's life. If you have read other books by Alan Gratz, or enjoy historical fiction, then I would definitely recommend this book for you.

Magic Tree House Book 6
by Mary Pope Osborne

This book is good because its about Jack and Annie visiting the Amazon rainforest and meeting all kinds of animals and playing with a Jaguar cub. My favorite character is the monkey who was throwing mangoes at Jack and Annie's raft.
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