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The Red Pyramid
by Rick Riordan

I think the book was interesting because their was lots of magic spells that were done by magicians. I think it was also a sad book because lots of the magicians died in the war against the Gods. I wish i was able to do magic spells. It was also very cool how the Magicians could turn into any animal that they wanted. Overall, this was a very intriguing book.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
by J.k. Rowling

Awesome book. Combines action, humor, and basically everything else a kid could want to find in one book.

101 Ways To Bug Your Parents
by Lee Wardlaw

This book is about a boy named Steve AKA Sneeze. He was supposed to be going to an invention convention, but he had to go to summer school. There he wrote a book named 101 ways to bug your parents, and sold it on school property.

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
by Rick Riordan

Anyone who likes Percy Jackson should read this book!

Who Was Julius Cesar
by Nico Medina

Julius Ceser was a great warrior.hHe could ride his horse with his hands around his back.He always wanted to be a warrior when he was n

Who Was Dr Seuss Book
by Janet B. Pascal

Dr Seuss was born on March 2 1904.Dr Seuss put colors on tv shows. when he was a teenager he used to doodle on his notebook and make silly charecters.

by Louis Sachar

This is a classic book that I have read a few times already and enjoyed every time.

Masterminds Criminal Destiny
by Gordon Korman

A ton of action. Loved it

by Gordon Korman

A really good book. Good mystery.

Baby Mouse Cupcake Tycoon
by Jennifer and Matthew Holm

I liked this book because babymouse is very funny and uses her imagination a lot.
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