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Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix
by JK Rowling

I LOVE THIS BOOK. Year 5 of Harry's time at Hogwarts and... things have changed. Harry has tried to raise awareness of the return of the most powerful and evil dark lord of the Wizarding world, but while his friends and the Headmaster of Hogwarts believe him, the government ignores his warnings and claims he "just wants attention". So, the government is now worried that Harry's warnings will throw all the balance of the wizarding world away and they will dissolve into chaos once more. To avoid this restrictions are being taken at Hogwarts. The Ministry of Magic is putting their foot down and it seems like everything Harry has ever known will perish. But instead of giving in, Harry and his friends are fighting back. That's probably what I love most about this book. Their determination and spirit to not let the Ministry put out their fire is insipiring and if you don't read this series and this book honestly you don't know what your missing out on.

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
by JK Rowling

While my personal favorite book in the Harry Potter series is the third one, the majority of Potter Fans think this book, Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire is THE BEST BOOK IN THE SERIES AND THIS SERIES IS THE BEST SERIES IN THE WORLD. Harry's fourth year at his wizarding school is unique: three of Europe's top wizarding schools are coming together for a once in a life time opportunity: The Triwizard Tournament. It hasn't been on for years...due to the death toll. When Harry is unexpectedly entered into the Tournament we are taken through possibly the best adventure yet. I honestly want to make a shrine to JK Rowling for her beautiful mind that creates these wonderful twists and turns that happen in this book. Look this book up and read it I promise this adventurous, magical, book will open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban
by JK Rowling

This is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOOK IN THE ENTIRE HARRY POTTER SERIES. I love the Harry Potter series more than anything already and this book was the best of the best! Sirius Black, said to be most loyal supporter of Voldemort (bad guy) has broken out of prison, and people believe Harry is his target. If the best prison in the whole wizarding world can't keep Black behind bars, Harry is not safe. But Harry's stubborness, curiosity, and his unfortunate luck of always finding trouble makes Harry's third year at Hogwarts an unforgettable adventure. The plot twist in this book guys, is seriously the most clever thing ever. And then the SECOND PLOT TWIST made me quite literally jump out of my seat. READ THIS BOOK NOW. Do it. Seriously that's how good it is.

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
by JK Rowling

Another AMAZING LIFE CHANGING BOOK from the Harry Potter Series. It's book 2 and Harry is back at Hogwarts. After the adventures of last year's school year Harry thinks maybe he'll be a bit less of the famous legend everyone believes him to be. But of course trouble always seems to find him. When a mythical hidden chamber hidden in the depths of the castle is opened and a legendary monster is unleashed, it is Harry's "mission" to put a stop to it. But it's hard for people to trust him now because...could it be that Harry the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets in the first place? Recommended for people who love series like Percy Jackson, Divergent, etc. Out of the entire series this book was my least favorite but everyone is different and it still is a wonderful book to me.

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
by JK Rowling

This FAMOUS book has honestly changed my life. I started reading it when I was 8 years old and now at about 14 I've read the series over and over seven times. This book is about an ordinary boy who realizes he is a wizard, and the story follows him and his adventures in this new wizarding world. To the normal eye he is a normal wizard but even in this peculiar world he is special. The book opens up your imagination from spells to broomsticks to a sinister and dark wizard and his plot to take back the power that was taken away from him. This book may start off a little...boring but once you get past the first chapter or so it gets really interesting. Just keep reading it and you will get hooked I promise. It's adventurous, humorous, and most of all: magical. JK Rowling has changed my life with this series. It's the books that made me begin to like reading. Read. It. You won't regret it.

Ranger's Apprentice Book 12: The Royal Ranger
by John Flanagan

This is the final book in the Ranger's Apprentice series but is also the first book of a second series tied to the Ranger's Apprentice series. This second series is the Royal Ranger series. WARNING: SPOILERS TO ANYONE WHO HAS NOT READ THE RANGER'S APPRENTICE SERIES UP UNTIL THIS BOOK. Anyways, throughout the previous eleven books we have been following the character of Will, once a youthful, humorous and a lovable person has now turned grim, vengeful, and distant after a tragic accident ends in the love of his life's death. Now Will is alone in his misery and his close friends and family fear that he is going down a dark path and the only way to pull him out is to distract him with the very thing that started the whole series: Will is going to take on an apprentice. And not just any apprentice: someone he loves and comes as quite a shock to the rest of the world. The story follows Will's efforts to train his new apprentice and the new apprentices' struggles with adjusting to their new life. This might sound a little draggy from my review but honestly it is a wonderful book that I finished in two days because I couldn't put it down! The only reason this book wasn't five stars was because of the death of Will's wife because she was my favorite character. But otherwise, read it. Now. It's amazing.

by Deborah Hopkinson

As we all know on April 15, 1912 the magnificent Titanic was sunk by a great iceberg. This book shows each event from the Titanic leading up to its disaster, to the disaster, and after the disaster. With real voices from the Titanic. As much as it sounds scary, from tales nobody really knew what was going on and the loss of family and friends are unbelievable. From start to finish this book told a tale that nobody will ever understand unless you were there. This book is filled with heart stopping action, devastating drama, fascinating historical detail, and photographs. Weaving together the voices from the Titanic's survivors and witnesses from the tragedy to bring the night alive. There's nine-year-old Frankie Goldsmith; Violet Jessop, a young stewardess; Archibald Gracie, a well to do gentleman; Charlotte Collyer, a young mother on her way to start a new life; and others. Her fateful voyage and the rescue of the survivors is something you will have to wait and see for yourself.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind
by William Kamkwamba an Brian Mealer

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind is a fascinating and inspiring true story. In this book, the main character, William Kamkwamba, builds a windmill to help others. William and his village go through many hardships and a famine. William's ingenuity makes the windmill come to reality, and William is able to help his village. William is an inspiring problem-solver, and this is what encourages him to set a goal and reach for it. As I read this book, I felt its message to inspire others to be curious and resilient. By reading this book, I also felt aware to be thankful and grateful for everything I have. Overall, I would like to recommend anyone to read this book because the author does a great job at telling his interesting story as a young boy from Malawi, Africa. In other words, for me, William is a humble role model with enough strength to carry on, and with the only intention to make life better. Please, give a chance to his book, and its amazing message of ingenuity, courage, and love.

The Land Of Stories Book 4
by Chris Colfer

The Land of Stories Beyond the Kingdom is a fantasy fiction book about twins, Alex and Conner who live in the fairy tale world and the Otherworld (Earth). In this book Alex and Conner roam around the world travelling into fantasy stories trying to find the Masked Man who wants to recruit an army to take over the Fairy Tale World. They follow him through each story and find friends who can also help fight off the Masked Man and save the fairy tale world. I would definitely recommend this book to people who love adventure and action.

The Land Of Stories Book 3
by Chris Colfer

The book 'The Land Of Stories-A Grimm Warning' is a fantasy-fiction book about two siblings, Alex and Conner who once again end up in the fairy tale world. In this book the twins have to save the fantasy world from the evil French Army. The French Army's mission is to destroy the fairy tale world once and for all. This book was really intriguing and depicts another exciting adventure for Alex and Conner in the Land of Stories. I definitely recommend this book.
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