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Wings Of Fire The Hive Queen
by Tui T Sutherland

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This book is the twelfth book in the best dragon series ever and this series taught me to use my imagination

Runaway Ralph
by Beverly Cleary

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You should ready this book of you like cool things like car chases. This book had lots of action and I learned that creative is key to a successful camp.

Stink And The Hairy Scary Spider
by Megan Mcdonald

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I loved this book because it was funny. It was about a boy that is afraid of spiders and how his friend helped him overcome his fear of spiders. At the end of the book, he liked spiders so much that he could not stop making origami spiders.

Outliers The Story Of Success
by Malcolm Gladwell

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This book has an interesting take on what makes people successful, and it gives lots of interesting stories that people can only thrive when given the opportunities and resources to do so. The book also shows the inequities of inherited wealth and privilege in Western societies. You normally think that just your intelligence and personality traits are enough to make it, but after reading this thought provoking book many questions get answers; such as what people with limited or no opportunities would of have done if given those opportunities, maybe find the cure for cancer, stop global warming, and make our world a better place for all. Mr. Gladwell shows brilliantly that hard work and opportunity in almost all cases are more important than intelligence. It helped me think that I just need to put more hours in if I want to do better. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand, question, and reflect the bias in our society.

Creepy Carrots
by Aaron Reynolds

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This book is about a bunny picking up carrots every day and the carrots are really mad at him for eating all their friends so they become creepy and try to scare him away. I thought that this book was really funny!

The War That Saved My Life
by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

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For the first ten years of her life, Ada has never stepped foot out of her tiny one apartment, all thanks to her cruel, abusive mother. Ada’s mother will not let her out because her mom is ashamed of Ada’s clubfoot. When word arises of World War Two starting, Ada’s mom makes plans to send her little brother Jamie out of London to protect him. That’s when Ada decides to take things into her own hands, and sneaks out with Jamie. When they arrive in the countryside nobody offers to take Ada and Jamie. Finally, they are forced to live Susan Smith; a lady with no experience of taking care of kids. Ada and Jamie have a much better life with Susan, Ada makes friends. As well as, learning to read and and write and, she even teaches her self ride a pony! Ada starts to forget about her horrid past and enjoy time with Susan who starts to love Ada and Jamie. But will Ada and Jamie be found and dragged back to the city by their evil mother? Overall, this is one of the best books I have ever read because it never gets boring, Ada always has something going on in her life, which makes the book interesting. Also, this book teaches you a lot about history in a fun and exciting way. I would recommend this book to forth and fifth graders because it is an easy read. I really hope you decide to read this book.

by Allie Larkin

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Heartbroken and devastated by the current events going on in Van Leone's life, she moves back to her old condo that separates her from her past life. When her mom died, friendships that she had weren't the same and home no longer felt like home. However, even at the condo, it feels less at home. When Van "accidentally" order a big German Shepard online, she is shocked to see that her life has changed. She has meet new people, created new bonds, and is no longer lonely (although, it is a lot of working taking care of the big puppy.) When her old life crashes with her new life, Van must gather people at her side to mend her problems and issues she has created with everyone. As the book continues to add more characters to the book, it becomes more and more thrilling which is why I recommend it to all students!

Beyond the Bright Sea
by Lauren Wolk

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Crow, a twevle year old girl, has always been somewhat curious about her past. Osh (the man that rescued her) continuously tells her the same story; how he found a skiff washed up on the beach. Inside, he found Crow, just hours old. For the first twelve years of her life, that explanation was just fine. Until one night, while looking out across the water Crow spies a fire. Oddly, the fire is on Penikese Island, where a leper colony used to live. No one ever goes to Penikese; they're too scared. When crow asks Miss Maggie (Crow's neighbor that lives across the sandbar) about the fire, she tells Crow about the bird keeper the state hired to live on the island. Miss Maggie says it is probably him. Suddenly, Crow becomes curious about where she came from. Osh warns Crow to be careful but Crow's curiosity is too strong. Crow's curiosity ends up putting her, Osh and Miss Maggie in great danger. Overall, I really liked this book. Some reasons being, the book definitely hooks you. It was extremely hard to put the book down and stop reading. Also, I really enjoyed how the the book was very descriptive. I could always picture what everyone looked like as well as the setting. I would recommend this book 6th graders.

How The King Of Elfhame Learned To Hate Stories
by Holly Black

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A fun installment to the Folk of the Air series, this book was a quick read. It was an intriguing view from a different perspective than of the trilogy, and highly entertaining backstory from one of the most adored and despised characters; Cardan, the High King of Elfhame. In addition to this, the book has exquisite illustrations by Rovina Cai. I found it really fun to see my favorite characters come to life. I also found it super interesting to learn the memories and events that build up one of the most layered and interesting characters. If you have read the folk of the air series, defiantly check out this irresistible new installment!

The Boxcar Children Book 1
by Gertrude Chandler Warner

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Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are orphans and they find an old boxcar in the woods and make it their home. My favorite character is Watch their dog because he is so funny.

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