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Positively Izzy
by Terri Libenson

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It was good because it's about a girl and what she is going through right now and how she is getting bullied. I was able to relate to her because some stuff was going on like that in school.

The One And Only Bob
by Katherine Applegate

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I loved the one and only bob because the story tells you and explains about every little detail from the characters to what's happening, so that's why I loved the one and only bob.

Super Fairies Farrah the Shy Fawn
by Janey Louise Jones

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At the end of the book I like how the Petal Princess is holding Farrah and covering her up with her petal parasol.The illustrations are beautiful.

The little butterfly that could
by Rose burach

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Thisis it is the best

Itty-bitty Kitty-corn
by Shannon Hale

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It is a very fun book to read and it is very happy. It teaches you that it is ok to be you

by Stacy McAnulty

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This book great because it’s so funny. It teaches you about plants & dwarf planets all in one book.

Out of range
by Heidi Lang

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I loved this book because it shows before and right now. It showed the relationships between the girls at different points in time. They became closest when Emma went down the river. They were farthest apart when Abby started dating Dustin and becoming friends with the girl that made fun of Emma. I was happy when the girls restored their relationship because I felt like Abby wouldn’t care when Emma fell into the river if the tension wasn’t broken. I feel like Ollie was the mood lightener but when she got mad it was bad.

Bravelands #3: Blood And Bone
by Erin Hunter

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I loved this book! its about an elephant named Sky who learns she is carrying the great spirit, Fearless the lion who has a powerful enemy, and a baboon named Thorn who is exiled from his troop, and finds out some terrible truths about his leader. I've been reading lots of other books/series by Erin hunter and she is one of my favorite authors!

The Top 10 Ways To Ruin The First Day Of 5th Grade
by Kenneth Derby

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The top ten ways to ruin the first day of 5th grade had real things like when they were stuck in the elevator they mentioned the movie die hard and another thing was the late show with David Letterman also the Hells Angels. My favorite part was when they were leaving "The Big Apple" and the taxi driver who called them the kids from Kansas City and when Tony ran onto the football field and got a touchdown.

Daddies Are Awesome
by Meredith Costain

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This is a great book of why daddies are great.