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Ivy And Bean Bound To Be Bad
by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall

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I like that the kids were pretending to be bad and that Ivy was the only one who was being good. I like that Ivy was trying to make the other kids pure of heart like she was. Ivy was the one doing this because she wanted the birds to land on her fingertips and be so good that a wolf would come out of the woods and lick her feet and trust her like a real friend would.

The Last Kids On Earth Book 5
by Max Brallier Last Kids On Earth Series

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" The Last Kids On Earth And The Midnight Blade " was a really good book. I liked this book because I liked when the Scrapken threw up the Nightmare King's skull. Also, I liked Thrull. He was the bad guy from the second book and now he has transformed into a cooler looking monster . This book had a lot of action in it. It also had a little bit of comedy. That is why i recommend you read this book.

Who is Jane Goodall?
by Roberta Edwards

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The book Who is Jane Goodall? by Roberta Edwards is about a girl that since a very young age was interested into animals and being outdoors to explore nature. Jane went to Gombe, Africa to study about wild chimps. While in Africa Jane discovered that chimps act like humans, they can show emotions, they can create basic tools to help themselves. Jane was fascinated to find out that chimps are very smart animals. Jane wanted to help the chimps to live longer, and Jane dedicated her life to learn and protect chimps because the chimps were are risk of extinction. For many years, Jane went on with her learning about the chimps in their natural environment. Vanne, Jane's mother, traveled with young Jane to Africa, and while Jane went out to explore the wild, Vanne would help the people of the area by providing basic care for them. Jane created the Roots & Shoots program were young kids learn about animals. Jane also created TACARE (take care) to help protect the natural habitat for the chimps and the humans that lived near them. Jane also went on to create ChimpanZoo a project which main purpose was to improve the lives of chimps at zoos. I recommend this book to anyone that likes animals, wants to learn more about their harsh environment, and wants to learn of how to protect them because you never know you may become the next Jane Goodall.

A Long Walk To Water
by Linda Sue Park

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This was a sad story but it was also hopeful. I recommend it to everyone.

Dancing Shoes
by Noel Streatfeild

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I liked this book. I like the story of Rachel not wanting to be a Wonder at all and Hilary REALLY wanting to be a Wonder. In this book Rachel and Hilary are adopted sisters. Their parents die and they are now living with Rachel's Aunt Cora. Aunt Cora owns a dancing school. She has a team of dancers named the Wonders. Rachel and Hilary are both learning how to dance. Aunt Cora also has a daughter Hilary's age named Dulcie. They are both really good dancers. They are competing with each other a lot. This book is about dance and I LOVE to dance so this is a good book for me.

Magic Treehouse Hurricane Heroes In Texas
by Mary Pope Osborne Books

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This is a good book because the main characters, Jack and Annie, save dogs and people like Mother Mary Joseph, a nun that was a hero during the 1900 Hurricane in Texas.

Ivy And Bean Book 3
by Annie Barrows

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I enjoyed this book. It’s about how they try to get their names in the record books, and they build a dinosaur from bones they found underground.

Warp Speed
by Lisa Yee

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This book is funny and sad. I recommend it for 9-14 years old.

by Joy Berry

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I recommend this book for people who have lied to

The International T-Shirt Challenge
by Elizabeth Strauss

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This book is about two people that created a game called "The Supper Brainy Adventures". One of them is KBQ for keyboard queen and Web boy. They know each other since elementary school, and now they are in middle school still challenging each other with quest like the International T-Shirt Challenge. This challenge has questions about math, culture and currency to be answered on-line by people around the world. I found this book interesting because I got to learn about currency of other countries. I also think it is great to share positive games and challenges with others on-line because this helps us to connect with one another in a fun way.

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