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Dachshund Through The Snow
by David Rosenfelt

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The book dachshund thought the snow by David Rosenfelt was an awesome book. Normally when I read a book I can anticipate what is going to happen most of the time I am right but in this book I knew what was going to happen and I was right but at the end it was someone completely different. I give Dachshund through the snow only four stars because even though it was very interesting the book was very slow at times.

Lauren The Puppy Fairy
by Daisy Meadows

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Fun adventurous book. And very magical

The One And Only Ruby
by Katherine Applegate

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I loved this book because I love animals and I love when authors write books from an animal's perspective because it makes the book just so interesting that you can't stop reading it.

The Wild Robot
by Peter Brown

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This story begins with a ship on a sea, With a strong winds and big storm. the ship crashed, and one crate landed on the rocks. The crate split in half and a robot came out. The first thing the robot saw was an island surrounded by trees. Robot also so otters, the robot said. Hello I am Rozzum, unit 7134. But you may call me Roz.. Otters got scared and ran away. Roz tried to make friends with other animals, but had no luck. The started to call her a monster. That's why she camouflaged herself. One day, Roz decided to climb the tall mountain. While she was climbing it, a heavy rain came down. She fell into a river and while she was sliding down, She accidentally destroyed a goose nest. There was one egg left.

Super Cheat Codes And Secret Modes!: A Branches Book (press Start #11)
by Thomas Flintham

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The part I liked about this book is when the Giant Robo Snake tries to eat Super Rabbit Boy

Squished: A Graphic Novel
by Megan Wagner Lloyd

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The Great Hamster Massacre
by Katie Davies

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The book was funny. The kids talked the mom into letting them get pets and they wanted hamsters so they got two. The hamsters were both supposed to be male hamsters but one ended up being female and she had some babies. One day the kids went to see them in the cage and most of them were DEAD and one had a missing leg! The suspect they had in mind was the new cat. They made graves for the baby hamsters.

Mouse Magic
by Ellen Stoll Walsh

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I like how the illustrations of the swirling balls look like.Also how the characters look like they are made out of paper.And all those cool shapes.My favorite shape is the big yellow circle with little purple circles on it.

Goldilocks Returns
by Lisa Campbell Ernst

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I like when she thought she was fixing up the three bears house.

Judy Moody, Girl Detective
by Megan McDonald

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Judy Moody was acting like a detective. She was trying to find a lost dog name Mr. Chips.