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Unicorns Of The Secret Stable Book 3
by Whitney Sanderson

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This book is good because it is about a secret stable the only the ones with a special key could open it. The stable houses unicorns. My favorite part of this book was how Rainbow Mist got dirty and had to take a bath so she ran into the pond and the other unicorns followed in and the pond turned into rainbow colors. My favorite character is Rainbow Mist because one of her powers is making rainbows to clear up misty times.

Mermaid Kingdom Rachel’s Secret
by Janet Gurtler

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Mermaid Rachel has a secret that she is half human and half mermaid and she has a best friend named Owen who is a human. Rachel wants to play with Owen very badly, so she goes to the queen, who gives her a pill, to turn Owen into a mermaid. Rachel gives the pill to Owen and she tells him her secret, so Owen takes the pill, turns into a mermaid for a few hours, and they have a fun play date together. I loved this book!

Beyond the Bright Sea
by Lauren Wolk

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Crow, a twevle year old girl, has always been somewhat curious about her past. Osh (the man that rescued her) continuously tells her the same story; how he found a skiff washed up on the beach. Inside, he found Crow, just hours old. For the first twelve years of her life, that explanation was just fine. Until one night, while looking out across the water Crow spies a fire. Oddly, the fire is on Penikese Island, where a leper colony used to live. No one ever goes to Penikese; they're too scared. When crow asks Miss Maggie (Crow's neighbor that lives across the sandbar) about the fire, she tells Crow about the bird keeper the state hired to live on the island. Miss Maggie says it is probably him. Suddenly, Crow becomes curious about where she came from. Osh warns Crow to be careful but Crow's curiosity is too strong. Crow's curiosity ends up putting her, Osh and Miss Maggie in great danger. Overall, I really liked this book. Some reasons being, the book definitely hooks you. It was extremely hard to put the book down and stop reading. Also, I really enjoyed how the the book was very descriptive. I could always picture what everyone looked like as well as the setting. I would recommend this book 6th graders.

Day of Confession
by Allan Folsom

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This is a thrilling action and adventure book that follows Harry Addison, a highly successful entertainment lawyer in LA. One day, the Cardinal Vicar of Rome is murdered and Harry gets a desperate call from his brother who he hasn't talked to in years, and is a priest at the Vatican. Then the tour bus on which Father Daniel, Harry's brother, was riding explode, Harry goes to Rome to investigate his brothers death. Then he finds out that his brother is the prime suspect in the killing of the Cardinal vicar. A bunch of questions pop up, is his brother an assassin? and more importantly, is he still alive? Harry is then framed for the killing of a police man and is on the run from authorities in Italy. This story follows harry as he goes on a thrilling adventure throughout Italy and finding out the the problem is at the core of the Vatican.

Animal Encyclopedia
by Dr. Lucy Spelman

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I like this book because you can learn about so many different animals. Plus you can also know if they are endangered or not and then you can help the animals that are almost extinct

Lunch Lady And The Summer Camp Shakedown
by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

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I think this was a very good book full of adventure. At first you think it’s going to be different than what it is. I like the surprise ending when you discover who the camp monster is and why they chose to scare all the kids. I like Dee because she is curious and brave.

Always The Last To Know Kristan Higgins
by Kristian Higgans

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Through the first 100 pages, we see how such a broken family's life is falling apart. Marriage may not be easy for some and that is clearly observed through Barb and John Frost's marriage. Their children, Juliet and Sadie, are grown women and ever since giving birth to them, their relationship has been full or arguments and flaws. Their children were living their own individual lives with their family and friends when ever changed during John's stroke. Secrets were revealed and the parents' favorites came back to them. Barb's favorite was Juliet while John's favorite is Sadie and that is obvious through the way they interact with them and treat them. Towards the middle and the end of this compelling book, these two generations of women have to mend their issues and relationships by following which feels best for them. Although Sadie's future life was hard for her to depict and Barb's relationship with John was atrocious time by time and Juliet's panic attacks were becoming worse due to work complications, working together with their families and the ones that they love allowed for them to fix it. When the stroke first hit their family, they thought negatively, yet in all of this, their families grew close and their lives became okay. Unfortunately, John ended up dying but that is how life is.

by Walter Dean Myers

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This book is about a basketball player named Drew Larson who has deep game in basketball. In his senior year in high school he was even more eager to play because that was when college teams started choosing their players. He thought it would be easy for him to get picked because he was basically the star of his team, he was good at defense, offense, and shooting. However, when a new white boy comes in he gets all the attention though he was not even close to Drew when it came to who was better at basketball. Throughout the book Drew learns that the white boy got the attention because he was always using team work to win, and that Drew did not do. So as usual he brought the team to the state finals then he realized that he could only use teamwork to win so he worked with the white boy and won the state finals for the first time.

by Raina Telgemeier

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I liked this book because it was funny like when the power had been out for an hour and then Amara tried to turn the tv on. What I also liked about this book was at the end Raina finally smiled.

Lotus Lane Kiki
by Kyla May

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This book is about Kiki and the Lotus Lane Girls Club. They hang out and create outfits. Then there’s a new girl that moves in. Her name is Mika. Kiki and Mika both have a hard time becoming friends. They find out they are more similar than they thought. Will they be friends? You will have to read the book to find out.

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