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To All The Boys I've Loved Before
by Jenny Han

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When Lara Jean has a crush, she writes a letter to the boy about how she feels, seals it, and hides it in box in her closet. She never planned to send any of these letters, but just to use them as a way of coping worth her feelings. But one day, Lara Jean finds that her box of letters is empty, and soon learns that all her letters have been mailed. As these past crushes confront her, she finds that maybe the mailing of these letters wasn't so bad in the end. After all, she gains new friends, and even a boyfriend along the way. But in the end there remains one question: Who mailed the letters in the first place? Overall, I really enjoyed this book. While it could be a bit cheesy, it had an adorable, heart-warming romance which I loved. I also loved Lara jean as a character and her fun, optimistic personality. I feel like she learns and teaches us so many lessons along her complicated journey. In addition, I feel like this book had a really cute plot in general. I would recommend this book to anyone my age, especially those who enjoy a sweet romance.

Prisoner B-3087
by Alan Gratz

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Prisoner B-3087 captures the horror that the Nazis put many innocent lives through simply because of unspeakable hatred for people who did nothing wrong to receive such hate and suffering. This is an intense, emotional, scary story of a courageous boy, Yanek, that learned to stay alive by surviving one more day at time even when it seemed impossible because of the brutal, unfair and random cruelty at the concentration camps during WWII. This is another great book by Mr. Gratz, so I recommend this book if you like history and/or are looking for a story full of struggles and triumph please read Prisoner B-3087, a terrifying true story.

by Pete Hautman

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Slider is about a 8th grader named David. David is just a normal 8th grader except for one thing, he’s a competitive eater. The book starts off when David accidentally buys a hotdog online for 2000 dollars, and needs to pay his mom back before she finds out that he bought the hotdog. So he needed a plan, and the plan was to become a competitive eater and make back the money. This thought crossed his mind because he eats faster then most people when he’s eating at a normal speed. I like this book because you get to see a normal boy become a competitive eater. You also get to see all of his training and learn all about the things competitive Eaters do to eat so much so fast.

Siege and Storm
by Leigh Bardugo

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I thought that Siege and Storm was a compelling sequel to Shadow and Bone. Leigh Bardugo weaves an intricate story in which the main character, Alina, has to deal with many different challenges. From a new power of the Darkling's to an army of supporters that she doesn't want, this book is a fun read with lots of different twists, and in my opinion, possibly even a new classic.

The War I Finally Won
by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

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When Ada’s clubfoot is fixed, she is so happy because she isn’t a nobody anymore like her mother called her: Crippled, damaged and other mean things. World war Two carries on and Ada, her brother Jamie and their legal guardian Susan move into a new house that Lady Thorton supplied to them after their old house got bombed (nobody was there). Lady Thorton’s mansion becomes a place for war work and she moves in too. But then a German moves in to learn math from Susan. Everyone is worried. Is Ruth a spy? Could she kill them. This book was enjoyable and if you read the book before this called The War That Saved My Life, it is just like that book. It starts right where it left of. Overall, this was a pretty good book.

Long Way Down Graphic Novel
by Jason Reynolds

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This graphic novel was haunting, and not one I will soon forget. Centering around the topic of gun violence, this book takes place in the 60 second time span it takes a grieving and angry teenager to journey down an apartment in an elevator. After the sudden fatal shooting of his older brother, Will feels as if he could drown in his fury and sorrow. but one thing burns clear among the blinding rage. Will knows what he has to do. He knows the rules. No.1: Crying. no crying. don't. no matter what. don't. No.2: Snitching. no snitching. don't. no matter what. don't. No.3: Revenge. If someone you love gets killed, find the person who killed them. And kill them. This quickly paced read will leave your mind whirling and your heart reeling as a Will navigates through heartbreak, danger and the sense of duty based down from generation to generation in his family.

Ruin and Rising
by Leigh Bardugo

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I thought that Ruin and Rising was a very good ending to a very good series. It was a good, per say, return to your roots ending, with a couple of really compelling plot twists incorporated in as well. I enjoyed how the whole Morozova story wrapped up, and I really liked how the author made you look at all the different sides of the decisions the characters had to make and the process through which they made them. Overall, I thought this book was really good and a great conclusion to the series.

Brians Winter
by Gary Paulsen

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Brian’s winter is about a boy named Brian who has gotten in a plane crash and is stranded in a forest thousands of miles away from civilization. This time around it is winter and Brian needs to figure out how to adapt and survive the harsh winter conditions with only what is in the forest, and his hatchet. How will Brian survive, and will he? Find out by reading the book Brian’s winter by Gary Paulsen. Overall it was a good book it was exiting the whole way through and provides a great description of how Brian survives. I would recommend this to a friend because you can’t go wrong with a book with adventure and excitement the whole time.

The Little Ice Age How Climate Made History 1300-1850
by Brian Fagan The Little Ice Age

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The Little Ice Age is a captivating book about how climate made history. It starts when the medieval warm period ends and starts a time of unpredictable weather. The weather causes famine in Europe. With famine comes disease. The main food source is cod, and fishing boats go as far as American to find it. I liked how detailed it is about how the little ice age (period of cold weather) influenced the culture of Europe at that time.

One Of Us Is Next
by Karen Mcmanus

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One of us is next is a sequel to the book One of us is Lying. One of us is next focuses around Browyns sister, Maeve. The plot is about a truth or dare game, and it’s all strange. Maeve and her friends ignore the game at first until someone dies from the games. They make it there mission to find out what this game is all about. I would recommend One of us is next because throughout the whole book there is always a new cliff hanger.