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The thank you book
by Mo. Willems

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This book was very fun to read

by Neal Shusterman

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The book was very good. Definitely deserves a read, but it's a little- uhh- obscure. Sorta like the plot of Sweeney Todd. I really don't see the underlying message to Brewster's power. In more positive terms, I love the way the book is written in multiple perspectives. I love that I can see Brew's little brother POV. All of the characters are likable, but realistic. It's just the plot that gets me- I don't see the story arch. Anyway, it's a really fun book that deserves a read, Just not the most amazing book I have ever read

City Spies
by James Ponti

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liked when Brooklyn climbed the tall wall and had confidence in her self

Little Mole Goes To School
by Glenys Nellist

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The pictures are adorable.Mole thinks he has no gift but his friends do.He saves the day he has a gift he can see in the dark and dig.

Rumble in the jungle
by Edizioni Piemme

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It is so funny because Geronimo Stilton doesn’t want adventure but somebody forces him to do crazy things from falling of a waterfall read to find out more

The best worst summer
by Elizabeth Eulberg

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I love the mystery wound into the book and the way that there are 2 different points in time. I like how there is a connection between the people and how the chapters switch back and forth from my time to the one from 1989. The girls are 3 decades apart, but you can see the connection. They are just kids being kids over the summer. There are fights, of course, because that’s what kids do. This book is amazing. It’s meant for kids from ages 9-12, but it is a book that the entire family would love. I would definitely recommend it.

The Secret Tree
by Natalie Standiford

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The book was fascinating because in one part of the story Minty (one of the main characters) sees a flash in the woods and chases after it and comes to a big, old elm tree.He peered into the hole and finds a piece of paper and later finds out it says “No one loves me except my goldfish.”

by Pam Muñoz Ryan

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I loved the 3 characters point of view. My personal favorite person was Mike and Franky because they were likable and funny and talented. I loved Franky because he is silly and he is like a clueless little kid. My sister's favorite was Ivy because she is adventurous and fun. My mom’s favorite was Fredrick because of his personality and background. I think that it was cool how they all were linked together in the end by a harmonica.

Super Rabbit Boy World!: A Branches Book (press Start! #12)
by Thomas Flintham

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My favorite part about this book was that sunny tried to do everything at the same time and his family taught him that it is better to do one thing at a time.

Dog Man 9: Grime And Punishment: From The Bestselling Creator Of Captain Underpants
by Dav Pilkey

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great book