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Knuffle Bunny
by Mo Willems

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32 pages. I like that the dad does not realize he left the bunny until the end. It funny when he is trying to get her to walk

Potato Pants
by Laura Keller

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I would recommend this book because it is funny and weird at the same time! It is funny because potato doesn't have pants!

Sylvia And Aki
by Winifred Conkling

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This is a quick read about two girls that become friends during world war 2. I liked learning about the school segregation of white and Mexican children in California and the Japanese Internment camps because I wasn’t taught that in school when we should be. I like that the book is written in two different perspectives of two different girls and in the end it all makes sense because they end up meeting and becoming friends. I also liked that this book was based on real people and real events. I recommend this book to everyone because everyone should know the full story and all the parts of our American history.

I Survived The California Wildfires, 2018
by Lauren Tarshis

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I liked the characters of this book. I liked reading about the way the two got along. The parts of them escaping the fire was exciting.

My name is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton
by Geronimo Stilton Books

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The entire book was very funny just like all the other Stilton books. I liked Geronimo’s journey to the North Pole and how they were saved when they got stranded on an iceberg. My favorite part of this book was the new year’s eve party.

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter
by Erika Sanchez

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This YA Novel follows the narrative of teenage, Mexican-American Julia, who dreams of being a famous writer, but feels smothered by her poor town in Chicago, and her traditional parents. After the death of perfect, rule-abiding older sister Olga, Julia and her family are devastated. Not only that, but Julia always seems to find a way to prove she’s everything Olga wasn’t; she can’t seem to ever get along or live up to the expectations of her mother, she would rather read or write than attend overwhelming family gathering, and she plans on going to college elsewhere and fantasizes about seeing the world. But after finding a couple of strange things in Olga’s past belongings, she’s starts to realize there was more to her sister than the world knew, and she’s determined to prove it. This book was a funny, complex, and empowering story. I loved Julia’s narrative, and kept thinking about her, and many of the other characters long after I finished reading the book. At first, the book was a little difficult and didn’t exactly hook my interest, but as I kept reading, I was glad I did, because Julia’s world turned out to be a colorful and unique one. The way the author talked about Julia’s struggle trying to live up to family expectations, being a person of color, and battle with mental health is very well written, and gives much perspective, as well as being relatable to many. Julia’s love for poetry and literature is contagious through this book. This story takes the reader through so many emotions, struggles, and triumphs right along side the characters. Its powerful impact on the reader, portrayal of teen love, as well as representation of diversity makes it a must-read for all teens.

by Jennifer Donnelly

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I liked this book because it was really interesting and fun to read. Everyone tells Sophie that she’s too kind to rule, she’ll never be a good ruler because her heart is toos soft. She’s a waste of a person. A waste of a soon to be queen. And she lets those words discourage her. When its her 17th birthday and she’s about to inherit the throne, the huntsman takes her hunting. He succeeds his mission and steels her heart. But 7 mysterious men find her, nurse her back to health and give her a new heart. Throughout Sophie’s journey, she learns how to live with her new life, how mean her stepmother (the queen) is to her people, and how to live with a new heart. But, most of all, Sophie learns to face fear. This was a great book and is basically a retelling of Snow White. Throughout Sophie’s quest to make everything right again she learns what she must do to save her people. I recommend this book because it was really interesting. The book keeps getting better and better as Sophie struggles to survive on her mission to get her heart.

The Outsiders
by S. E. Hinton

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The Outsiders is a book about the life of Ponyboy Curtis, a 14-year-old boy. Ponyboy is a greaser, meaning he is part of a gang from the poorer East side. Their enemies are the Socs, the rich-kids from the West side. One day, after coming back from the movies he finds himself wrapped up in trouble. At the movies, Ponyboy and his friends Johnny meet two pretty girls, Cherry and Marcia who are Socs. While walking the girls home however, they come across the girl's boyfriends who are not happy about the greasers being with their girls. Later that night, when Ponyboy returns home he gets into a fight with his older brother/ caretaker Darry, and runs away with Johnny. While running away, the Socs who they had come across before come back to beat them up. One of them starts drowning Ponyboy in a fountain and to save his friend's life, Johnny kills the Soc. Realizing what they have done, Ponyboy and Johnny run away and face a series of life-changing events that will impact them forever. Overall, I really liked this book. It was a great depiction of the life, relationships, and problems of adolescents. This helped me connect to the characters and feel for them. It definitely provided lessons for teens that they can actually understand and relate to.

Constance and the dangerous crossing
by Julie Gilbert

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I liked it because I just went to Plymouth Plantation and we went on the Mayflower. The book told me a little more about the history and the crossing to the New World. I think this book is good for kids who like history, pilgrims and Indians.

Aru Shah And The End Of Time
by Roshani Chokshi

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Aru Shah And The End Of Time is a fantasy book about a girl in seventh grade who feels left out from her classmates. So, she tries to impress them by going to her mother's museum to show them around. Then, she points out a lamp, and rubs on it. As a result, time freezes around her. After a while she meets a strange pigeon that talks. The pigeon became her guide through the world she was in. She had to find a way out of this world of Indian mythology. She had to go through a lot of trouble and meet new people to finally escape. I liked how the author developed a world that seemed like it was a dream from a real life seventh grade girl who loved her family's tradition.