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Sophie Mouse book 8
by Poppy Green

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I enjoyed this book because it was a fun and caring book. I liked how Sophie helped a friend who was hurt and needed help.

The One And Only Ivan
by Katherine Applegate Books

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I recommend this book for everyone to read.My favorite character is Ivan because he saves Ruby the baby elephant. This book has both happy and sad moments which will make you want to cry but it has a happy ending.

Magic Treehouse Afternoon On The Amazon
by Mary Pope Osborne

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This book is an great read because you learn about the Amazon Rainforest which we learned in school in 3rd grade. The vines were snakes not vines and the paddles was a crocodile. This is why you should read the book.

Ivy And Bean Book 3
by Annie Barrows

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I enjoyed this book. It’s about how they try to get their names in the record books, and they build a dinosaur from bones they found underground.

Harriet Tubman And The Underground Railroad
by Terry Miller Shannon

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This book is about a woman called Harriet Tubman who was born a slave, and when her master died Harriet and others decided to run away north to Pennsylvania. By reading this book I learned about the many problems people born as slaves had, and their dreams' to be free. Harriet was a courageous woman that helped others like her to reach their dreams' of freedom. I also learned that after slavery became illegal Harriet Tubman lived in New York where she devoted her life to help others. I recommend this book to people who want to learn about history and heroes of humanity.

Anne's House Of Dreams
by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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In this book, Anne finally gets married to Gilbert Blythe, and moves to a town far away from Avonlea, called Four Winds. At Four Winds, Anne and Gilbert quickly make friends with Captain Jim, and Miss Cornelia Bryant. Anne also learns how to become friends with her neighbor, Leslie Moore, who seems to have had the most tragic life. Other people that Anne also meets is Owen Ford, Mr. Moore, Susan Baker, Marshall Elliot, and a lot more people. Read this book to find out who Joyce is, and why her life is so heartbreaking.

The Clover Curse
by Poppy Green

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There were parts that I liked and parts that I didn’t. It’s a book about a mouse and her inspirations. I like how she likes to paint because I do also. I like how she makes her own paints.

by Allan Gratz

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Allies is about the Allied invasion of France in 1944. I enjoyed reading Allies because the many stories in it show how people worked together during tough times to triumph over hatred. Their strength, humanity, and minds worked together as one to stop the suffering and pain that had propagated around the world. The author, Allan Gratz, tells how the lives of many nations had been affected and destroyed by the evil force of the Germans. This book details stories of dead/hurt young soldiers, neighbors that had been taken away, the bloody battle of D-Day, and the people who were involved in the Liberation of Europe. As I read, Allies, I began to think how would I react to such a intense violence and destruction, and I know I would be nervous, and I would pray for this to be a horrible nightmare. Allies, made me feel admiration for the courageous generation of WWII as many had to fight while others had to run away in order to save their lives and the lives of the ones they loved. At no fault, many humans lives were lost, and the book makes you feel the terrible times because it seemed as humanity was going to end. D-Day was a day when team work meant everything, and thanks to the many heroes like all the soldiers in the Normandy beach, civilians, doctors and nurses that gave a hand and their souls at D-Day, humanity was able to survive the hateful tyranny of the Nazis. In this book Mr. Gratz let us feel that the human spirit is fearless and strong, and that somewhere, somehow, hope always makes us carry on with our dreams of a better future.

Ivy And Bean Book 10
by Annie Barrows

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I really enjoyed this book. It shows the real power of imagination and what real friendship can do. This book had a lot of mystery.

One Big Happy Family
by Annie Barrows

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I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s a funny book that is about 2 girls who were never meant to like each other, but they did.

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