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Book Reviews
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Knife's Edge
by Hope Larson

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I liked it because it was sort of funny because the twin brother and sister fight a lot and they tease eachother. The twins have to find a pirate treasure and it relates to me because I like to find treasure. I think anybody who loves a good funny story should read this book.

Black Panther Battle For Wakanda
by Brandon T. Snider

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I like this book because it is action-packed, funny and interesting.

I Can Make This Promise
by Christine Day

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In this book, the main character Eddie always gets asked the questions ‘what are you?’ and ‘where are you from?’. Eddie doesn’t exactly know. Her dad is American. Her mom is a Native American adopted by a white family. Because her mom was adopted, Eddie never asks her parents about her heritage or name because she thinks they won’t know. But one day, while she and her friends are in the attic, they find a hidden box of photos and letters that have the name Edith on it. She now starts wondering who she’s named after and about her heritage. I enjoyed this book because I liked to see everything she went through to figure out this mystery. Should she ask her parents about this Edith? They’ve been hiding this from her so why would the tell her now? Will she figure out this mystery or will it never be solved?

Geronimo Stilton Garbage Dump Disaster
by Elisabetta Dami

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So far there is a thief that is stealing trash from a dump and food from a restaurant.G Stilton is trying to solve the mystery .

Sunny Makes A Splash
by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

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I enjoyed this book! 1 reason is because the setting was usually at the pool and the season was during summer. I love the pool and summer. Another reason I liked this book was because it was a graphic novel and graphic novels are my favorite genre. Lastly, I liked how the main character, Sunny, had gotten over a fear. She worked at a snack shack, at a pool all summer long. Every time she went to work in the morning, she would look at the diving board. Whenever she went in the pool, she wanted to go on the diving board so bad, but never had the courage to do it. Finally, at the end her friends encouraged her to go on the diving board. She did! she was really happy. This reminded me when I was scared to go off the diving board, but when I eventually did it, it felt really good.

Frog And Ball
by Kathy caple

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I liked this book because the ball kept chasing the frog and it made me laugh. After the frog escaped it chased the bunny! Read for a laugh.

Spirit Animals Book 3
by Garth Nix

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This book is mostly about a girl named Milien who ran away from her best friends with her panda Jhi to help her dad fight wars.This good book is for 8 and up.

Dork Diaries Book 4
by Rachel Russell

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I loved how kind Nikki is to Braydon and Fuzzy Friends and how Nikki turned problems into good ideas that helped them do better in a show.

by Raina Telgemeier

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I thought this book was amazing because the sisters had different feelings through the book.

The Moffats
by Eleanor Estes

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I think this book is great! It’s kinda like a book where there are little stories in one book because each chapter has a different problem and solution. For example, there was the chapter where Jane got stuck in the bread box and another where Rufus went on a train through New York. Those are two different things, and two different problems.