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Dolphin Rescue (animal Planet Adventures Chapter Books #1)
by Catherine Nichols

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The book was kind of funny.

Stick Dog Meets His Match
by Tom Watson

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Stick dog is a smart dog and he and his friends find a truck full of meat and follows it to Mike’s Magnificent Meats store and finds Lucy who is smart like Stick dog.Could stick dog have met his match?!?!

The Wild Robot
by Peter Brown

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This story begins with a ship on the sea with a strong winds and big storm. The ship crashed, and one crate landed on rocks. Then the crate split in half and the robot came out. The first thing that the robot saw was the otters. The robot said : hello I am Rozzum, unit 7134 . but you may call me Roz. Otters got scared and ran away. Roz tried to make friends with the other animals, but no luck. one day she decided to climb a mountain. Heavy rain came down, and she fell into a river. while she was sliding down, she accidentally destroyed a goose nest. There was one egg left. Roz decided to care for the egg , she made a little nest for the egg and put it on the shoulders. when animals saw that, they change their minds about Roz. they saw that she was a nice robot. in the couple of days the egg hatched. Beavers help Roz build a safe nest for her and her gosling. after that the gosling needed food, so Roz came up with the any idea to make a garden. She got lots of advices from other geese on how to take care of gosling . she named him Brightbill. Brightbill grew up and made lots of friends. His best friend was chitchat, the squirrel. summer came and made everyone happy. It was nice and sunny. Brightbill was practicing his swimming and flying, then days were getting shorter. The air was getting colder. That meant that the flock had to fly south. winter came. It was very cold. Ruz kept herself busy while waiting for Brightbill to come back, by helping the animals build homes. she also was making fires to keep everyone warm. two months passed by and it was spring. ice and snow started to melt and that meant that Brightbill was coming home. one afternoon while Roz was by the pond,she saw a Brightbills bills flock. She was happy to see him. then he went on her shoulder. He told Roz all about his journey. He told her that they stopped at a farm because it started to snow early. He saw robots on the farm working for humans, one got so upset that he killed one of their own. they had to escape they didn’t know where to go, so they just flew south. They also saw factories building more robots. eventually they made it. They made lots of friends with other flocks, and time went by so fast, and it was time to go home. Brightbill said:” I’m so happy to be home mom “. later that night, Roz and all of the animals had a party. they were having so much fun that they didn’t see the ship, but the ship saw them. in the morning Roz and Brightbill took a walk to their favorite spot to watch the sunrise. What they saw blew their minds. It was a spaceship with three scary looking robots, they came to take Roz and all the other robot parts. Brightbill and Roz alerted the animals and the hunt began . the animals tried their best to defend Roz, but they only the only killed two robots. the last robot, crushed into Raz. She only had a body in the head. The last robot got killed by a rifle. The animals came to Roz. She said : “if I stay here they, will send more robots” Brightbill said :” I love you mom” . Roz said :”I love you too my son”. The animals put Roz in the ship the door shut, and the spaceship took off. Roz thought to her self that she will be back soon. My favorite part was when Rossius decided to take care of the gosling.

Super Fairies Farrah the Shy Fawn
by Janey Louise Jones

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At the end of the book I like how the Petal Princess is holding Farrah and covering her up with her petal parasol.The illustrations are beautiful.

by Pam Muñoz Ryan

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I loved the 3 characters point of view. My personal favorite person was Mike and Franky because they were likable and funny and talented. I loved Franky because he is silly and he is like a clueless little kid. My sister's favorite was Ivy because she is adventurous and fun. My mom’s favorite was Fredrick because of his personality and background. I think that it was cool how they all were linked together in the end by a harmonica.

A Rebel In Auschwitz: The True Story Of The Resistance Hero Who Fought The Nazis' Greatest Crime From Inside The Camp (scholastic Focus)
by Jack Fairweather

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A slow going book- You have to trust the process. This book made it super clear that is was NOT historical fiction. Almost every single fact was cited (Which isn't so much of a problem) but, it made certain parts of the book super boring. Although I appreciate the thoroughness, I think the book could've incorporated the same information and made the book a little more interesting. I learned a lot as I was reading the book, but again, I devoured the book in 4 days (camping) and I think It would have taken me 10 days or I wouldn't have gotten past the first two chapters, if I was at home.

Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook, #9
by Junie B Jones

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It teaches you that if you find something to put it in the lost & found. It’s also hilarious

The Magic School Bus And The Electric Field Trip
by Joanna Cole

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I liked this book because it was about the electric system. Also it teaches us about the electric system sand how it works.

Cat Kid Comic Club: Collaborations: A Graphic Novel (cat Kid Comic Club #4): From The Creator Of Dog Man
by Dav Pilkey

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I like this book because it not only shows that the truth is better than lying it also shows that the littlest act of kindness can still make a big difference in the world for example, Melvin and Naomi learns their lesson when Poppy says “it’s like a pebble it SEEMS small but it can move things in a ways we can’t even see.”

Pax, Journey Home
by Sara Pennypacker

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I loved this book! it has some sad parts. Each chapter is devoted to either Pax the fox or Peter the boy. In the first book Peter keeps Pax as a pet, then lets Pax go into the wild. In the second book (Pax, journey home) Pax is now a wild fox. His mate Bristle had kits and Pax go's to see the damage the war has caused. Peter (the boy) joins the water warriors to fix the damage the war has caused.